Hep Cat City Camp

Welcome to Citycamp.se, a website that is a tribute to the swing and dance festival that was held in the city of Lund 2005. Although the festival unfortunately is no longer, the homepage swings on and will continue to do so in the future!

The Last Weekend Schedule

The weekend schedule for the 2005 festival, that also became the last one, took place between the 6th and the 10th of October and looked like this:

Thursday: 20-01, party at Tangopalatset
Friday: 16.30-18, theme class at Kulturmejeriet
Friday: 18.00, EOS-hallen opens
Friday: 19-03, party at Kulturmejeriet (the alternative dance floor will be open even later)
Saturday: 10-19, theme classes at EOS-hallen
Saturday: 11-16, beginners class at EOS-hallen
Saturday: 20-02, party at Grand Hotel
Saturday: 02-last man standing…, party at Kulturejeriet
Sunday: 10-17.30, theme classes
Sunday: 11-16, beginners class at EOS-hallen
Sunday: 21-01 or later, dancing at Kårhuset
Monday: 19-00 or later, party at Kulturmejeriet

Bands and DJs

The bands and DJs that made the 2005 Hep Cats City Camp a success were the following:


Gunhild Carling swing band (SWE)

Betty Blue & the Boat Gig Crew (DK)

Öresound Big Band (SWE)

Tyko Runesson (SWE)


Mike Faltesek (Minneapolis, US)

Christi Guest (London, UK)

Carsten Busk Senholt (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Love Westman (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Rob (Lund, Sweden)

Patrik Rydberg (Lund, Sweden)

Anton Cervin (Lund, Sweden)

Thanks to…

We would like to thank the Norwegian loan broker Lånemegleren for funding this tribute homepage.